Watch: Skyrocketing Cost Of Mueller’s Russia Investigation


DOJ report says Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia probe has cost our government nearly $17 million; Catherine Herridge has the latest.



  1. $17 million dollars from US taxpayers was used for the Russian hoax – and the know it – instead of for Hillary’s and Mueller’s corruptions.

  2. The skyrocketing cost of kosher meat and poultry is a worse problem. Any excuse, no matter how spurious or ridiculous, is a good reason to raise prices. The price of gas goes up; the price of meat goes up. The price of gas goes down; the price of meat stays up. Ripping off taxpayers is one thing. Ripping off your fellow Yidden is disgraceful.

    • Good point. But nothing compares to esrogim. There is no price regulation whatsoever. No such thing as price gouging. Every dealer can charge what they feel like when they feel like on any given day. The halachos of Choshen Mishpat don’t apply.

  3. We should be greatful for (Republican) Robert Muellers work to get to the bottom of what happened during the 2016 elections. -Unless, of course, you believe Trump did something very wrong that you don’t want to be exposed… And why in the world should Mueller be now reinvestigating Hillary’s corruptions that were previously investigated multiple times, when she LOST the election…


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