Watch: Singing & Dancing @ Boryspil Airport In Kiev After Spending Rosh Hashanah In Uman 2017




  1. Wow, tremendous. What are they so happy about? Got away from the wife for a couple of days? I’ll give them that, but come on. We’ve got a judgement hanging over us and I’m definitely not to confident about it.

  2. @Who I am, that is preciesly why they are celebrating! Because it is a day of judgement and they are going to the Tzadik HaEmes!

    Allow me to educate you on why ~80,000 yidden were in Uman this year for Rosh Hashana.

    Rebbe Nachman wanted every single Jew/Neshama to be by him for Rosh Hashana. Period.

    Only the Tzadik HaEmes (singular) can do Hamtakas Hadinim B’Shorshoi/Sweetening the Decrees at their core. Period.

    As written by Rabbi Chaim Kramer of the Breslov Research Institute in 1992:

    What is it about Uman that attracts so many people n from literally all over the world to spend Rosh HaShanah a way from wives, children, and families. The answer lies in a simple yet often misunderstood concept – the Tzaddik.

    The Tzaddik is one who attains such a level of self-mastery and spirituality that all his thoughts, feelings and actions – his very being are in total consonance with G-d’s will. This gives him a uniquely close relationship with G-d. In essence, what distinguishes the Tzaddik from anyone else is that he has an unparalleled mastery of the spiritual, which gives him the ability to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. Yet for all his spirituality, he is, and remains, a human being. This indeed is his strength. He is able to channel Torah spirituality into this world, and guide others as to how to serve G-d.

    Every year Rebbe Nachman’s followers used to travel to be with him for Rosh HaShanah. Hundreds came for his last Rosh HaShanah in 1810. It was then that he made his strongest statements ever about the importance of coming to him for Rosh HaShanah. “No one should be missing,” he said, “Rosh HaShanah is my whole mission” (Tzaddik #403).

    People who have never been in Uman for Rosh HaShanah may wonder what it means to go to the Tzaddik if he isn’t actually there in the flesh. But for those who have had the experience, the Rebbe’s spirit can be felt at every turn: at the Tzion, where somehow one finds oneself expressing one’s deepest personal needs and issues so naturally; in the shul, where “intensity” is too tame a word to describe the rapturous joy and profound awe that inspire the entire gathering; in the singing and dancing accompanying the Yom Tov meals; at Tashlich; and in the words of Torah that flow forth, whether at the organized shiurim or in informal study sessions and conversations with old friends and new.. Each person comes away with a wealth of new insights and chizuk – encouragement, to start the new year off on the right footing, as well as knowing that the Tzadik HaEmes has done Tikkunim on his Neshama.

    We can see now that Rosh HaShanah is the day that the rest of the year depends on -even the rest of the world. As the Rebbe said: “The entire world is dependent upon my Rosh HaShanah” (Tzaddik #405). So what is it that Rebbe Nachman wants us to gain from this day? Rosh HaShanah is actually a marvelous goodness to the world, and as the Rebbe teaches/ “G-d gave Rosh HaShanah out of great kindness” (Likutey Moharan 11, 1:14). When we begin to fathom the remarkable role that the tzaddik can play on this day, we realize why it is considered such a goodness and, in fact, presents us with a unique opportunity.

  3. @Who I am, in addition to being a Yom Hadin, the main purpose of Rosh Hashana is to be mamlich Hashem. Period.

    They are celeabrating in huge ecstasy because they are going to be Coronate and Proclaim Hashem as King of the Universe on the highest leve with ~80,000 other Yidden from many different backgrounds, with one common denominator. A Neshama.

    The coronation of the King is certainly the best possible reason to sing and dance with joy!

    And it is an amazing time, because you have the best attorney acting on your behalf, the Tzadik HaEmes, who can go into all the spiritual and physical constrictions, sweeten them, and give you eitzos to deal with them.

    Rebbe Nachman said “HaAish Sheli Tukad ad Bias Hamashiach” “My fire will burn untill Mashicah”
    And burn it has, with increasing numbers every year, are learning the sefarim of Rebbe Nachman, and going to Uman for Rosh Hashana to recieve your tikkun and all the gifts that Rebbe Nachman has to offer on Rosh Hashana.


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