Watch: Singing “Afilu Behastare” At The Hakomas Matzeiva Of Hachosson Yisroel Levin Z”L, Who Was Nifter In A Car Accident Last Year



  1. After such heartwarming singing, the Kaddish would be said with much more seriousness and earnestness.

    To #1 and YTT, Rav Moshe Leib Sassover zt”l wanted music at his funeral. And at yetzias neshama of Rav Meir Shapiro zt”l he requested his talmidim to sing.

  2. this short clip is filled with so much emotion and hashkafos
    1 – the tragedy of yisrael z”l, the mourners there at his kever. however theres a great contrast, they are singing of their emuna …even Hashem behind hastara, but for yisrael z”l this is not the situation, Hashem…. ” beniglah” from his place in the real “revealed” world.
    2 -these boys r expressing their emunah is amazing if you think about it. after such a long galus etc.

  3. #1 & ytt you missed the point; when you watch the clip is THAT what you see? similar to seeing a mountain and not the akeida where avrohom avinu says sit with the ” chamor” because the 2 of you see the same thing .
    what should be glaring at you is the tziduk hadin that is expreseed thru the words of the nigun and the klei shir help bringing forth. the conflicting emotions of sorely missing a young ben torah and the dayan haemes. its a lesson of how great is the emunah of even poshute yiddin if there is such a thing

  4. The above commenters are correct. It is an abomination to bring instruments into the cemetery. It is not the Jewish way or tradition in mourning. Yes, the young men are sincere, yes it is a horrific tragedy, yes the pain is still felt acutely a year later, yes the kaddish may be said with more emotion.
    But that does not make it any less wrong. Minhogei Yisroel are part of Torah, and this is halachically forbidden.
    There were times in our history that people sang at levayaos or in a cemetery, but NEVER with instruments. Too bad that no ADULT was able to tell the young man, please put away the guitar until we leave the cemetery.
    The families should no only simchos!

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