Watch: Shulem Lemmer Sings G-D Bless America At Mets-Red Sox Game



  1. What an amazing voice ! Only in America can a chassisisha young man sing the national anthem. The words are so true really we live in an amazing country.

  2. bubby1
    nothimg to be proud of
    BY the way ,bubby1, why are you so anscious a yid should be associated in such ‘avos hatime’ places if not neccesary.and if yes EG parnose etc but be proud?>

  3. #1, thats his Parnassah. I think what he is doing is less of a Nisayon than the many Jews walking the streets of Manhattan on a daily basis. Just saying……

  4. To those jealous people criticizing:
    This was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. He did NOT be like “them”. He dressed in a white shirt, black pants, and had his payos clearly showing. You can clearly see he was a Chassidik Jew. The overwhelming applause at the end shows that the thousands in attendance truly appreciated his patriotism. It broke the stereotype that the evil media puts out there, that Orthodox Jews don’t know or care about this Country and they only know how to take. Patriotism has united this Country time and again. Singing a song like God Bless America is a beautiful song and it brings out love of Country in the average normal gentile. This has nothing to do with “mixing” with them, eating with them, dressing like them, desire to be like them, etc… If you negative people are so “concerned”, why don’t you stand in front of Unzera mega supermarkets and scream about shopping and eating like a goy. That is a bigger danger. Mega mansions, fancy cars, fancy wigs, extravagant simchas. The list is endless, unfortunately. Get your priorities straight, my friend.


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