Watch: Should Students Be Allowed To File For Bankruptcy Over Loan Debt?


George Mason Law Professor Frank Buckley argues Americans should be able to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy over student loan debt.


  1. Why not skip the step? Create a bankruptcy chapter 7 that ONLY works on student loans? Forces universities to only teach subjects that will enable students to pay back the loans and eliminates poor students (academically) from continuing. No beer parties, frat hazing, drugs, liberal garbage, etc. All other types of bankruptcy remains with their own rules but you will have fixed the education system in one fell swoop! No more hotbeds for Obama teachings or liberal ridiculousness.

  2. Although I disagree – if this would ever be implemented, let the colleges split the bill with the taxpayers (since a huge chunk is federally guaranteed). There’s not much incentive for colleges to teach something worthwhile. They currently have guaranteed payment at astronomical tuition prices.

  3. they should be allowed to file a quasi bankruptcy. but if they pull in a decent income in a 10 year period they must pay back the loan.

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