Watch: Should Americans Still Care About The Clinton Email Scandal?


Sebastian Gorka and Geraldo Rivera launch into a heated debate on ‘Hannity.’




  1. The American people are VERY ANXIOUS to see Hillary the Criminal in Chief behind bars for life! Whether it’s because of her emails or because of the Clinton Body Count which includes over 200 people.

    Rivera, you’re a liberal hypocrite who’s still whining about Hillary’s loss. Had you really cared about President Trump’s success, you’d have stopped the silly Russian Ghost investigation months ago and the endless obstacles that keeps his job from getting done.

  2. Should the American people care about a person who sold favors as Secretary of State, played a role in the deaths of 4 Americans in a terror attack, covered up after her husband attacked women, was negligent with classified info, and possibly has people who can get her in trouble killed? Yeah, we should probably care.

    • Oh please. You know very well that the reason those 4 Americans were slaughtered like sheep, is because of an obscure video that was put out by an evil white racist male that some Muslims found offensive. It was a spontaneous uprising. Those evil Americans had it coming. As Eric Holder told us, America is an evil racist country. If only more of those white folks would get murdered.

      • Oh yes, thank you for reminding me, she also violated the first amendment rights of a guy who put a video on youtube and had him jailed to cover up her role in Benghazi.

  3. Why should the law be for everyone except not for the privileged few?
    She broke the law(s) let her do the time like any other citizen.
    The are jails for females.

  4. Garbage. The idea of the world calling for her to go to jail is like thinking Sodom and Gamorreh can be your backyard too. Good luck. You are all nasty to think you even daven for jewish faith.

    She is not in office. DEAL WITH IT.


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