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  1. Interesting and very inspirational.

    There isn’t a site on line that isn’t talking about S.M.R. Most are very positive and r”l some are extremely negative. However, I feel in a personal sense I want to express a personal feeling I have that needs to be said.

    Motzoe Shabbos there was a Program and was publicized, where Rabbi Balkini was interviewed. Callers emails & commets were spoken about. In addition on MyLife: Chassidus Applied with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Episode 194,

    there was a letter read from a father a divorcee that went through an extremely messy divorce. Hasn’t seen his children in years now. Within the forces of nature it is impossible for him to be reunited with them. The filth the lies that was thrown on him by his ex was utterly disgusting. With the miracle of SMR he feels for the first time in years a renewed hope and strength that Hashem can and will make a miracle he will be able to see his children again.

    Just one example how SMR is affecting yiden around the world. The inspiration the hope the kindling of possibilities that nature is not the boss. Hashem is. Anything is possible. I hope and pray that as myself and each and every yid will see our personal Geulah which will lead to the general geulah through Moshiach speedily.

  2. Who cares what he says. Since when does a person who was convicted of crime become so important that we should pay so much attention

    Yes. We thank Hashem, the president and rejoice in his and his family simcha. But we must not forget that he is a criminal and was Mechallel the Sheim Hashem Hakadosh bi’farhesia. He just not an example for us and and our children and we do not glorify such people.

    From the NY times –> “Around 300 employees of the plant, many of whom were Guatemalan, served prison sentences for identity theft, and several managers and supervisors were convicted of felony charges of harboring illegal immigrants. The immigration-related charges against Mr. Rubashkin were dropped after he was convicted of fraud. Prosecutors in his case said he had fabricated collateral for loans, causing the banks to lose more than $26 million.”

    • U believe the failing ny times and their anti semitism? Daas Torah said smr is good, you can never go wrong following them unless you are Chas veshalom an apikoros.

    • You are such a brilliant person with such tremendously deep insight on this matter that I’m shocked you weren’t crowned gadol hadar. What you’re doing is a chillul hashem too and just for your info, chill hashem starts from amongst us. farkrumt.

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