Watch: Shocking Video: Motorcycle Crashes At 343 Mph


Valerie Thompson was attempting to break the motorcycle land speed record of 376 mph when she crashed at a whopping 343 mph. She sustained only minor bumps and bruises.



  1. What a stupid lady. Who does she think she is? Putting your life in danger is considered brave? It’s too bad she wasn’t killed.

    • By the fact that she survived it indicates that she did NOT put her life in danger. In fact, she was safer in that car than you are in your old jalopy.

      Nice sentiment about another human being, though. Your name says it all.

    • I thought it is permissible to endanger one’s own life, with proper safeguards, to make a living. I wonder about wishing harm to someone for no reason at all.

  2. #2, driving at 343 mph is an idiotic thing to do . And yes it’s too bad she wasn’t killed , maybe other idiots will learn from this idiot


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