Watch: “Shmiras Einayim” Travelers Seen En Route To Uman for Rosh Hashanah 5778




  1. I am sure there will be plenty of Jews mocking these people. But will the same people mock and criticize those Jews who go to Miami or Las Vegas ( without blinders I might add ) or those Jews that hang around Times Square and go to places that are mekoimois temeyois? Just wondering…….

  2. Upon seeing this article, I was naturally going to write something negative. But was impressed with the positive 3 comments above mine, that I changed my mind. The only factual question remains if it is a chilul Hashem to walk through the airport or public place like that. Its not respectful

  3. the way i concluded from learning the sugya in psachim 2nd perek (sorry i dont remember the details much) was that one could walk through a place with untznius things or people without closing your eyes or looking at the ground BECAUSE ONE WOULD BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH WITH BLINDERS (so its not לא אפשׂר) meaning if ones eyes end up seeing something inappropriate he is not stuck being forced to ‘stare’ at it because he could look away, therefor is allowed to walk through there without blinders.

    im saying for or against just that its not required


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