Watch: Shloime Daskal on Thanksgiving Day



  1. Yes, and you should drive a little slower. Based on those trees whizzing by, it seems that you are speeding. Thank you for seatbelts.

  2. What is it with today’s generation that people think the whole world is interested to here every ‘boich svara’ that pops into their head, while looking up here nostrils. Does social media generation feels like they must post or they become irrelevant. Craziness.

  3. Thank you Shloime for the gevaldige turkey-hodu vort. Will pass it on.

    The Goyim remember once a year they have a mother and make her a Mother’s Day. They remember once a year they have a father and make him a Father’s Day. And they remember once a year to thank G-d and make Him a Thanksgiving Day.
    Leahvdel, we Jews b”H remember our mother and father daily and are mechabed them daily. And we think of Hashem ALL day, EVERY day – Shivi Hashem lenegdi TOMID – and thank Him at least 3 times a day.


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