Watch: Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin Bentches Gomel During First Shacharis After His Release



  1. The cry was heard all ‘round the world,
    Sholom Mordechai’s free!!!
    And in an instant, all was clear,
    the Hand of Destiny,
    He Who orchestrates it all,
    the whole world’s symphony,
    had coaxed from his dear violin,
    the song’s vital last key,
    Oh how those strings held on so tight,
    as the Virtuoso pulled and tugged,
    some wondered if they would snap,
    on the bow’s very next rub,
    but no they only grew more firm,
    as that Fiddler played,
    the violin it never faltered,
    never even swayed,
    and all the other violins,
    just watched in fascination,
    how can that little fiddle bear,
    the trials the tribulations?
    clearly this fiddle was made,
    from something more than wood,
    one need not more than have a look,
    at all that it withstood,
    utter devotion to the Fiddler,
    and His every command,
    unswerving commitment and boundless love,
    to all members of the band,
    but no it did not end there,
    though that is where it began,
    no, there was this secret tool,
    for the fiddle was but one man,
    there just had to be something else,
    that kept that fiddle strong,
    year after year after year,
    throughout the endless song,
    the secret was that behind that fiddle,
    stood many a tear,
    of Yidden who knew but one thing,
    for my brother I care,
    and when the cup was finally filled,
    to the very top,
    the Fiddler said “Now that’s enough,
    this song, it just must stop!”
    We know not when the other cup,
    in Heaven will be through,
    but this little wink we all did see,
    it gives us hope anew,
    that if we hold strong just as our friend,
    R’ Shalom Mordechai did,
    The Golus song’s crescendo will,
    bring Moshiach ben Dovid!
    By: Rabbi Elchonon Jacobovitz, coauthor of Inside Out, correspondence with R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

  2. Let’s not forget that although the sentence was outrageously long. He still committed multiple crimes and as President Trump pointed out, this is not a pardon, he must still pay restitution, and will be on parole. He gave the Americans and the world another reason for anti-semitism. I don’t hear him or his family expressing any regret for his crimes, or the negative picture of frumkite which he has projected through his crimes.

    • Back when matzav used to run articles to try and get people to write their congressman or senate person to do something about this I once told a not-frum relative about it…I explained the case and he said “what??? Bank fraud? Doesn’t it say ‘thou shalt not steal’ ??? I feel bad for him, but he committed a serious crime! The sentence might be unfair but, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

      • And you are perfect? What do you have in YOUR closet?
        When the Feds go after a citizen, they can come up with hundreds of “violations”. It is obvious that you are jealous of his previous successes (maybe even his tremendous charity that he performed) and in a sick way, it gives you pleasure to see him suffer. You have an eyen rah and it is clear that the sitra acher has a grip on your soiled nishama.

      • JB and David, you have very bad middos and show that you’re motzi atzmo min haklal, you show that you’re not part of it. Now when klal Yisrael is rejoicing and showing achdus and we are considered as one person (as mentioned in this week’s Parsha ‘shivim nefesh – 70 “soul”, not souls’) we’re like 1 big family. If a member of a family did something improper, there’s a time for mussar and a time to rejoice together with him and overlook his misdeeds. It’s stated that when a person received malkoss because he committed a severe crime, before the malkoss he’s called ‘rasha’ but after he was hit, he’s considered ‘achicha – your brother’. R’ Sholom Mordechai after languishing in jail away from family, friends and relatives and suffering bizyonos and hardship for 8 years, he definitely is on the level of ‘achicha – your brother’ and towards a brother you act differently. Be’achicha tedaber beven imcha titen dofi? Is it appropriate to talk negative on your brother now?

    • What an unfarginer. Where’s your ve’ahavta lere’acha kamocha? Had you been in such a situation ch”v would you appreciate such a comment? Beware, Hashem runs the world mida keneged mida, the way you judge others, that is how the Heavenly prosecutor will judge YOU on all things you were not perfect. You better start doing tshuva right now. De’aloch sani lechavroch lo savid.

  3. Let’s not forget how the judge in the illegal immigration case said that he was embarrassed to be a party of the American justice system. Jb and david, it must feel so wonderful to sit on your throne and mete out punishment on your fellow American. (I’m assuming you’re not Jewish)

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