Watch: Sen. Tom Cotton Is ‘Skeptical’ Of Denuclearization Promise


On ‘Special Report,’ Republican lawmaker from Arkansas says the summit with Kim Jong Un is an ‘important’ first step and discusses the implications of the meeting.




  1. Hashem, PLEASE continue giving President Trump siyatta Dishmaya even though the politicians don't fargin him

    Where were these Senators when Obama signed the Iran deal? Hey … there were no deals signed, but yet not a single minister criticized Obama. What a bunch of jealous envious umfarginers losers.

  2. Do you blame Kim for not wanting to denuclearize?
    Kim likes President Trump, respects him and would do anything for him but is worried what would happen after Trump leaves in 2024 or 2028 and an Obamakind of untrustworthy unreliable president will take over.


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