Watch: Security Camera Video of Beitar Illit Stabbing Attack


beitar stabberIn the security camera video of the terror attack in Beitar Illit today, the terrorist is seen coming up to the security guard, speaking with him and then reaching inside her purse. She waits for him to take his glance off her and then draws the knife and tries to stab him.

Although he was slightly injured, the security guard managed to regroup immediately and draw his personal weapon. He shot and moderately injured her. Shortly afterwards, the guard and the terrorist were evacuated to the hospital.


{ Israel}


  1. HaShem has made the world blind. here you have a video showing this machshefa stabbing the guard. what does the world think our reaction should be–grin and bear it? no matter how many security guards are put in place, there is no way to prevent this crazy behavior from happening. oll tivtiichu b’nidivim….the relatively small numbers of jewish victims is due entirely to HaShem’s hashgacha


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