Watch: Santa in Mall Gives Brachos



  1. The “mall-er” Rebbe.

    Many years ago my friend Sol and I went to KMart on 3rd St. in Los Angeles to shop. As we approached the store, Sol commented to me in Yiddish about the Santa Claus sitting in front of the store ringing a bell. He said “Kick du of the mechigina. Er macht a grida”. The Santa turned to us and said “Se nisht dan gesheft!”

  2. Reply to ?, comment #8, just for your info, his dialect is all yehivish or litvish! So your question, I guess, should be which yeshiva’s Rushasheeva wears this kind of levush?

    So much for your baseless haterd.

    • 1) His pronunciation seems mixed.

      2) There is no such thing as a Chasidic pronunciation of Yiddish or Hebrew.

      Different groups have different pronunciations.

      Litvish Chasidim like Lubavitch, Stolin, and Slonim, use a Litvish pronunciation. Polish Chasidim have Polish pronunciation. Galitzianer Chasidim have a Galitzianer pronunciation.

  3. By the goyim there are 3 stages in life.
    1) They believe in the klutz
    2) They don’t believe in the klutz
    3) They ARE the klutz

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