Watch: Rubashkin Thanks Trump To Big Applause




  1. Matzav, can You pls convert ur clips off of you tube so everyone. Even Erliche Jews that don’t have YouTube will be able to watch. A lot of Jewish sites already do this such as Lakewood scoop ect.. thanks

  2. I absolutely second that comment. Youtube should be completely blocked. I would love to watch these videos but I won’t unblock youtube for it.
    Yotze scharo bhefseidah

  3. the quality of most of the videos is really bad. im sure that good videos were taken and not just kids on a phone. why dont you put those videos up?

  4. Maybe if enough of us continue to request videos without the YouTube environment, it will sink in. Why should erliche Yidden, or any Yidden, for that matter, by exposed to the YouTube environment for Jewish news?

  5. I have NATIVUSA filter. its excellent because it will allow youtub on Yeshiiva world and Matzav. This way i dont feel like i am missing out and still have protection.

    However, if i go to any other website that is not totally frum the skin color is colored grey.

  6. I agree with posters. Been saying this for a while, YOU TUBE IS JUST AS BAD AS ANY ADULT ONLY WEBSITE! How Matzav or any other “Torah” website can possibly lead their readers to that filthy site is beyond comprehension.

  7. I would also appreciate if you post the yiddishe videos on something like vimeo
    i don’t either have you tube and I do nop want to be exposed to it
    thank you


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