Watch: Rosh Chodesh Teves with Lipa


A chat with the first female Chassidic judge in New York, Ruchie Freier, and Lipa’s  versions of the songs, “A Yiddishe Mamme” and “God Bless America.”




  1. Not sure I agree with the Rabbi’s analogy comparing Mrs. Freier to Devorah Haneviah.
    Anyway, what is Matzavs obsession with everything Lipa & Ivanka does, says, or burbs? Isn’t it time you kids at Matzav grow up already?

  2. She should pardon rubashkin now!! Lipa u our the beste in the velt. Brooklyn is the beste platz in deer velt. A judge, who can imagine this and that. I need a Artscroll book on this topic and the comparison to Devora hanuveea.

  3. Was truly very nice! would b nicer if done with jewish press or such. Why associate with forward? – most anti-frum org/paper In America.


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