FOR SHAME: Rev. Roger Hambrick and The Green Pastures Baptist Church Coir Perform at Avi Weiss’ Shul on MLK Day 2017


Reverend Roger Hambrick and The Green Pastures Baptist Church Coir at Avi Weiss’ Hebrew Institute of Riverdale/The Bayit on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, 2017.




  1. why do you even show this abomination??? All you do is give them the recognition they are looking for. What an unbelievable chillul HaShem in a shul. Negative behavior should not be acknowledged.

    • Its not a shul. Its a tifleh. Its a house of heretics (Bais Haminim) that the gemorreh paskens ‘rather go into church than in bais haminim’ (Mesectes Shabbos)

  2. Actually, the sooner this happened, the better. Instead of others wasting their time exposing this Weiss fraud for who he is, he is doing a great job on his own.
    Now he should initiate intrerdenominational prayers, and wade off into oblivion, as far as Judaism is concerned.
    Would he make a decent Baptist minister? Let THEM find out.

  3. this is the least of what shameful things he does. actually, it clarifies his real attitude/position about yiddishkeit, in case anyone wondered

  4. Orthodox like a lobster. This open orthodox is so open that their minds fell out. What do you expect of a temple that allows women to be rabbis and toeiva marriage to be supported and is fast self destructing. It’s a shame. They are enemies of Israel and Torah big time. Why don’t we organize protests at their temple in riverdale as well as their financial backers.

  5. Looks like a frum crowd in that shul. Guys in kippos and ladies in sheitels….. stomping their feet to the beat and clapping along with the song. Just can’t figure out their thinking. We see a problem. They obviously don’t. Where is this generation heading when a shul can host this type of event? Hashem should help us!

  6. Hallelukah,
    Reverend Weiss hosts the brothers and sisters of the Green Pastures Baptist crutch, joining them in singing about Cheese Crust and his Mama.
    Right afterwards, the reverend plans to sit down and pasken some weighty sha’alos, and ordain another רע בה, or two.

  7. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing giving their backgrounds and education. They are only doing good and making a kiddush hashem.

    Matzav however is wrong for putting this up

    • “making a kiddush hashem” – how is inviting a galach to shul increase kovod shamaim in the world, or are you confused about the definition of Kidush H?

  8. Where is Moron Reb Avi? Did he fly away somewhere for the chag?

    And his chosen successor, Moreinu VeRabbeinu Rav Steven (Exler), who around a month ago was at the White House Hannukah party, speaking at the podium, fawning over President Barack Hussein Obama?

    Why is there such a shvache oilam seen (many of whom are women. If the women would be seating separately, there would be many empty places it seems)? Shouldn’t it be standing room only? Maybe what is happening at HIR is what has been happening to non-Orthodox Temples (men especially leaving, amidst extreme liberalism and general decline).

    Gevald, what is happening in OO, such a big yuntiff, and such a small oilam there.

  9. Can Matzav please go down and interview the people there to hear from them what are they thinking. Why are they wiring a Kipa on their head? or keep any other Mitzvah, since Chaza”l isn’t their authority. It is a big Rachmonos on the kids the kids there, and to old man that works hard to get up on his feet.

  10. Stop bringing this ‘one church goes to another church’!. The moatzei already proclaimed ‘v’hagivonim lo m’bnei yisroel hem’

  11. Don’t be so hypocritical: This is no worse than men and boys attending a Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, or Devils game, which they do en masse and frequently.


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