Watch: Returning Clothes to Stores After Yom Tov – Halachically Permitted?



  1. No. In our case, the buyer physically took the merchandise out of someone’s store causing him the Hezek. Also, the reason we take home a few of the same is, because we know that someone else will grab it. Also many times when we are holding on to one outfit the store can not sell three other ones as well, because people want matching for all their kids.
    When a store has to pay rent for every day, and he can not sell merchandise because you are holding on to it, you’re causing him a loss; as opposed to Miniyas Revach.

  2. The Dayan didn’t address our circumstance. Does the store keeper need to take it back? Also, the customer was certainly irresponsible so bidei shamayim he should keep it because he paid for it already!

  3. What if one gains so much weight from fressing during Yom Tom that the garment just doesn’t fit anymore after Yom Tov? Hahahaha.


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