Watch: Resident In Polish Town Beating An Burning Jewish Effigy




  1. Very scary. Such hate. It looks like the crowd came together special for this burning, as if it was some sort of planned ceremony or something. There is also quite a number of children in the crowd; It’s the same dehumanizing of the Jew that the Palestinians are teaching their youth. It makes you think, is it possible we are getting too comfortable in galus, are we adopting too much of the guyish cultures? We need to constantly daven that Hashem keeps us safe, that we shouldn’t need reminders that we are still in galus, and that we should be zocha to mashiach asap.

  2. Yaapchick on the other site posted this post! He’s right on the money!

    Yet the Prime Minister bucked Netanyahu’s invitation to Israel to protest his comment as they related to Polish atrocities during the war. Netanyahu should call him and ask him to explain this: not a challenge per se’, just an explanation. Or, alternatively an official call to voice protest. But the facts are thus borne out; loud and clear. It’s not news to us! We knew this all along. There’s a reason most of us have done away with our domestic help.

  3. The Jewish celebration of Purim is hanging Haman. It should be a inheritated part of Jewish culture since they lived in Poland over thousands years.

  4. In my Grandmother town close to this town;there were WW 2 survivors hiding in the woods.
    When they heard that the war was over they came out of the woods and went home
    to make a Peasch Seder. They were murdered at the Seder by their neighbors.

  5. And for years we gave them work.. free lunches and carfare..( my husband never got that from his bosses, did yours?)……I was smarter than that. Zullen zei gein in der erd…they always hated us, just liked our money to support their families back home. We need to stop being suckers like that… even begging them to come for higher and higher pay. Abi a goiyta.

  6. Could this have anything to do with Chabad making a Pesach Seder in the Warsaw ghetto? This website was all excited about it. Why go and stick your nose in the goyim’s face? In galus, you have to know your place.

  7. Welcome to the 1930s again, how we act this time I hope is different than the last time. Poland will always be Poland, hate, hate, hate, but the Jews have a decision to bow down like sheep or rise up and or leave. History has a way of repeating it self will the Jews repeat their history with Poland, or Germany, or France, or this time change history.

  8. To ‘ I told you so’. You need your head examined. I’m sick and tired of jews that will twist anything just to be able to blame everything that happens in other jews. You make me sick. If u hate jews so much, take off ur yarmulke and move to poland

  9. This is lacking important context.

    What this is about is a religious ritual, related to the Xtian Easter celebration.

    The effigy is of Judas, who in their faith betrayed Yoshke, who was then executed.

    It is not directly about Yidden today (some people might connect the two, but others may not).

    I am not saying it is a great thing for us, but we should understand better what it is about.

    P.S. Note that the effigy has a necktie.


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