Watch: Report On Yesterday’s Boro Park Miracle



  1. So we have a Muslim driver that “suddenly” has a seizure “or” a heart attack. They don’t even know. They are clearly covering up for this terrorist. If he had a “heart attack”, why was the car accelerating??? It should of been crawling. Are you people that naive and stupid?! Are you that scared of being called a racist that you won’t say what really happened over here? Shame on you.

    • Paranoia runs deep. It is likely that the driver’s foot slammed on the accelerator as he was having his heart attack – a common occurrence. If this was a terrorist attack, why did the driver pick ONE person to hit, and not look for a crowd of people?

      • Are you a terrorist? Are you a certified expert? Were you threatened by the Thought Police? The attack in Manhattan recently, was on some deserted off street. Shows how much you know about a terrorists mind.

    • Very simple. The guy had a seizure, and as part of that he hit the gas. People don’t get severely hurt by their cars hitting chain link fences, he was going slow enough that she wasn’t severely hurt, and his car wasn’t very heavily damaged, yet it said he was in critical condition. Not EVERYTHING has to be a terrorist. Accidents happen too.


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