Watch: Report on Israel’s First Chareidi Weightlifting Competition (Hebrew)



    • Yiddle, Somebody who’s too “frum” to keep oneself in a fighting shape, but is fine with wasting time on the internet?

  1. The picture is misleading. Real weightlifters don’t pose like bodybuilders do. Weightlifting is for strength and not for showing off. Our community should benefit from it.

  2. Chareidi today can mean many levels. In New York to be chareidi or actually Chassidish you must do three things. 1 speak yiddish 2 wear a streimel at least minimum for family weddings 3 eat chulent Thursday nite or Friday late afternoon. This would be chareidi lite. A real chareidi is who is the top of the line is usually skinny and spends 18 hours day learning or davening. Not everyone can be that level so there is nothing wrong with some excercise. But along with weight lifting or martial arts you must learn Torah haskofa. If you can listen to an Avigdor Miller tape or iPod while on a jogging threadmill ,excellent. Now after you feel physically in shape you can join protests for yiddishkeit. Use your power to fight the enemies of Torah. You can also become a security Gabai by some older Rebbe who gets overwhelmed with people disturbing him. You will pick up a lot of wisdom from these older sages. But remember. Don’t compromise your looks and values of a Torah Jew because you have the body like a goy. Everything has to be done with a balance. Ask your Rav or rosh Yeshiva if he thinks you need some workouts be it swimming,weight lifting or martial arts. Actually the two safest sports are walking briskly and swimming. Jogging and weight lifting are not that safe. Big rebbes would walk or swim. I myself was a martial artist for many years but in martial arts you can’t really tell that a person has exterior muscles as you can see the Japanese fighters look very non threatening compared to Boxers. Yet the martial artist experts have a stronger punch than a boxer. In the fights I had on the streets when I got picked on by anti semites, they never dreamed I could destroy them. In a flash I would kick my attacker with a round house kick to his face. The last thing he expected from a Yeshiva guy with a hat and jacket. But you need to work out minimum 3 times a week to stay in shape. But here is one urgent warning. Just because you took karate for six months or a year you can not trust that confidence. You can be beaten by street fighters. You need years of proper training the teach how to develope the right punch and not just yoga like moves striking the air. You need firm punching bags. Most karate schools are not out to train you to be a fighter. They just teach you moves like a ballet. So don’t go looking for trouble when you get a yellow or green belt. You need serious training. Take it from a heimish guy who trained for decades.

  3. while i agree whole heartedly that frum people need to play ball, ride bikes, jump, run,etc., so that they should have the strength and stamina necessary to learn torah and to raise a family, but the kind of body building displayed here is just too goyish for me. it is incumbent upon us hashkafically and personally to take care of our bodies, but i dont think we are meant to worship them


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