Watch: Rebbi Teaches Pre School Kids To Give Brocha To Gimmel Voters





  1. Nebach. Destroying the children’s Emuna in Hashem at such a young age. The Eibershter fiert der veldt – not Gimel or Litzman or Netanyahu!

    • @ yehuda. whats the problem? perhaps u did not see the video or dont know yiddish ! he told them to daven [and raise rheir hentelach] to hashem, that gimel should be matsliach .

    • ur hung up with ur american small mindedness? voting in ey is not like usa. voting gommel is a mitzva/chiuv acc. to many gedolim way back to the chazon ish, and assumingly the rav / rebbe of the parents.

  2. Is that a coed class? It seems there are both boys and girls sitting there. Nonetheless, they all look so zeese, kn”h.


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