Watch: RCCS Interview with President-Elect Donald Trump


As emotions run high on all sides, RCCS got a few moments to interview Donald Trump and have him share his thoughts about the RCCS auction.




  1. so now we see how corrupt MATZAV is also just like the NY Times. what a chillul Hashem. how will you answer to Hashem your loving father when he asks you if you dealed business honestly? you are a jewish website & R”L heading towards the same corruption as the NY TImes who will not post an honest message on a newsletter cause it doesnt match their values or getting gelt from the fundraiser just like hillary gave to the NY Times & many other corrupt newspapers

    SHAME ON YOU MATZAV . you should start doing teshuva ASAP the only way to do full teshuva is become honest media reporters & repost the RCCS trump newsletter with my recent HONEST post sent yesterday


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