Watch: Rav Yisroel Brog on “Shidduchim – The ONLY Way to Do It Right”




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  1. Wow. Love this Rabbi.

    Mid 40’s here. Married / ugly divorce / single.

    If only I would of had a Hadracha from a Rabbi like this. My personal life would be a bit shene. But it is what it is. Sad truth. Disclaimer. I never appreciated Rabbi Brog till now. Hard to say it’s too late. But I think it’s is too late.

    However, thank you Rabbi Brog for the (personal hypothetical) inspiration.

  2. The whole shidduch crisis stinks worse than rotting flesh! Those who feel holier than thou when it comes to judging others based on if they are “good enough” for a marriage should stop dividing the Jewish community. It is because of the shidduch crisis that there are many Jewish singles out there. Not everyone has Hashem’s blessing to easily get married. Only Hashem’s elect and favorites can do so. As for the rest of us, who are not among Hashem’s favorites, it seems that we have to fend for ourselves. For instance, I used to be very orthodox and followed Halacha very strictly. But for whatever reason, I was never accepted by many members in the orthodox community. So it is no surprise that I drifted away from being very frum to hardly religious at all. Most of the Jews in my neighborhood are orthodox and nobody has recommended a shidduch for me. Even though I wanted to stay within the Jewish faith for many years, I have found it hard to do so, since I do not know many Jews, who are less frum. It seems like a catch 22, but it is the case. Since Hashem has made it difficult for me, I have finally decided to go out with a nice looking young non-Jewish woman, who is close in age to me.

    • It seems that we are very quick to request not to be judged at all, yet we do judge others. We do this to justify our own behavior. We should not expect anything from anyone. It is our individual responsibility to try and help others anytime, anywhere and within our means. I have many many people who like you, blame the orthodox community for their own decision to go off derech. Why? Because they did not invite him/her for Shabbat, because they did not suggest a shidduch for him/her, etc. Personally, I happen to be the only single person in my shul. I don’t rely on anyone to do that for me. I have gone to many single’s events and I have come to the realization that there’s only One expert. HaShem is in control and only HaShem knows who is that special person. To claim that HaShem has favorites it is totally baseless. We are ONE people. HaShem loves each and everyone of us. Perhaps this is the right time to be a bit introspective and see why you cannot find that special person. If you live outside the community, obviously your chances are limited. Nobody on their right mind would be willing to relocate to a place where Jewish life is non-existent. Daven from the deepest corners of your neshama, do teshuva and beg HaShem to answer your prayers. But don’t blame us for your decisions.

  3. It’s hard for religious people to suggest a shidduch if you aren’t very religious They probably don’t have close connections with too many similar girls. It’s a shame people aren’t reaching out to you (I don’t know if you are in a city or out of town – smaller towns are usually more open-minded and friendly to strangers and welcoming to fellow Jews anywhere on the spectrum) maybe you can show people you’re interested in a relationship with a fellow Jew even if you aren’t yet interested in becoming more religious?


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