Watch: Rav Yaakov Bender Greets Talmidim Arriving at Yeshiva



  1. a rebbi there told me that on Monday, when 6-8th began classes, Rabbi Bender went into each and every classroom (21 of them, bli ayin hora) to tell each kid how great their Rebbi is, to remind them that he believes in them, and to stress being nice to every kid, especially those who are new to the Yeshiva or new to their class. Special

  2. Moshiach can come already. Like avraham begged. I’m yesh chamisha tzadikim the baal rachamim should save the entire town. We have one already. Now we need another 4 of his likes.

  3. Thank you to YDT for starting Yeshiva in August while our local girls school is waiting until labor day, leaving our daughters with over two weeks off between camp and school to sit around and get into trouble

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