Watch: Rav Shteinman’s Tzavaah Read And Explained By Rav Michoel Sorotzkin




  1. The Mishna at the end of Sotah says:”mi’shemes Rebi – botla anovo”. In our generation; we could certainly say; “mi’shemes Reb Aharon Leib- botla anovo”. A spirtual giant, with so much power and control who ran the entire klal Yisroel and yet he doesn’t “need” more than 10 people at his levaye.
    Rav Sorotzkin- ‘kedarko bakodesh’ has the talent to convey the message in an emotional way.

  2. The speaker was challenged by the request of Rav Shteinman not to be maspid him directly or indirectly.
    He obeyed the request so wisely by reading the tzavaa – digging into it’s depth and getting the message across.
    That’s called – eating the cake and leaving it whole.

  3. The moral of the story is that you have to be a real lamden to know how to read a tzavoah.
    Rav Sorotzkin can teach us all how to take apart every single word of an odom gadol.

  4. The punchline of this tribute is the most important one. Reb Michoel tells us that we were zoiche to live in a generation of Reb Aharon Leib Shteinman zetzuka”l. Rav Shteinman ptira is an end of an era. An era of giants. This is similar to the tkufa when the Chazon Ish was niftar. This is the biggest hesped which was “said” without words.
    Chaval Al de’avdin.

  5. posted during the past year 3 hespedim from Reb Michoel Sorotzkin (amongst other shiurim of his) on Reb Refoel Shmuelevich ; on Reb Moshe Shapiro and now on Reb Aharon Leib zecher tzadikim livrocho.
    Listening to this fascinating speaker is a real taanug. He has the koiach to bring out the real inner nekuda of each one of the gedoilim in such an interesting and emotional way. Second to none.
    To us readers/ viewers it’s an emes’e limud which will hopefully have hashpoah to learn from their great hanhogo.

  6. We also saw the will and tried to focus on the details. We were puzzled by the distinction Rav Sorotzkin made between all of his wishes and instructions which were strict and uncompromised and between his request not to name any children in his name which was only given as an eitza but not an issur.
    Rav Aharon Leib zecher tzadik levrocho was so special in his sensitivity towards others. If parents will decide in the future to call their newborn in his name, obviously he will be the last one to stop them full filling their dream.
    Yehi zichro boruch

  7. I never heard much about Rav Shteinman, but from what I see and hear in this unique clip he was definitely a giant from last generation. To my children who viewed this video with me said this must have been what the Chofetz Chaim was like.
    He will missed greatly by the entire klal Yisroel.

  8. The entire Yeshiva world was puzzled at the day of the petira by Reb Aharon Leib zecher tzadik livrocho’s ultimate request not to hold any Hesped on him whatsoever. ( until Reb Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a’s p’sak a day later that the tzavaa was only written to his mishpocho). Everyone felt that it’s not right to say an Hesped against his will but it’s even more wrong to keep silent. Some places had their roshei Yeshivas say divrey chizuk, others “broke the request”.
    This phenomenal ‘tribute’ was a meleches machsheves. The brilliant speaker read the tzavaa and explained it so profoundly.
    He managed to keep to the strict request and at the same time to deliver one of the best hespedim ever said.

  9. Obsoletely fabulous.
    Should be screened in all frum schools. Children should get the idea what this world is all about.
    A must see!

  10. Obsoletely fantastic tribute.
    A lesson which could be taught in any Yeshiva during mussar Seder.
    Rav Shteinman’s yeshiva was called “Torah be’tifaarta”. There is no greater man who lived up to the tifeeres of Torah than the great niftar. Yehi zichro boruch

  11. We never ever saw a giant who lived such humble and modest life and requested to depart from this world with such pashtus and anovo.
    We should all learn from his middos tovos and phenomenal hanhogo.
    This hesped belongs in the Hall of Fame of tributes ever said in public.
    Tehe nishmaso tzrura betzror haChaim

  12. Where is this Hesped given?
    It sounds as it’s been given on the day of the petira.
    I saw in line numerous hespedim. This one is the best one by far. Short, focused on the gadlus of Rav Shteinman xz’l and very much to the point.

  13. The Mesilas Yeshorim write the the yesod hachasidus veshoresh haavoda hatemima is that it should be clear and authenticated by a person “ma chavaso be’olamo”.
    Rav Shteinman teaches us in his fantastic Tzavah that it is not only when you live, but also after you die.
    The way this Tzavah was said by this gifted speaker is totally amazing.
    Show this video to your children. Let them learn.

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