Watch: Rav Michoel Sorotzkin on the Chronological Order of The Torah



  1. The question is unique. The answer is marvelous . This shiur is emes laamito shel Torah.
    The delivery is superb!

  2. Why didn’t you post a few days before Shavous? By the time we saw it it was after yomtov.
    It’s another fantastic shiur from this talmid chochom . His shiurim are always so special.
    Next occasion, please post in due time.

  3. Funny guy. Mild brash in no way. Perfect for a saturday afternoon. Definately not the Schneerson scheme. Funny.

  4. UNREAL.
    What’s so special about this Rav’s shiurim is the fact that although the levels of each of his shiurim is so high yet he has the gifted ability to simply the contents so EVERYONE could understand them.
    Keep on posting.

  5. No, No. If the Bechoirim were originally meant to be Livyim forever, then why are we telling them to do Pidyon Habenn back in the end Parshas Bo, by Parsheas Kadesh?? A Leivy does not do Pidyon Haben.

  6. Yosef
    Reuven, you’re 100% right. Parshas Bo was much before the Eigel, why are we doing Pidyon Haben for the Bechoirim. The speaker said that they were going to remain Liviyim, so why are they doing Pidyon.

  7. Yani and Reuven;
    if you were to look at the Chazon Ish quoted by the speaker you would realize that you both are lacking the proper havono.

    Here are the words of the Chazon Ish;

    חזון איש אורח חיים, מועד סדור מתן תורה – סימן קכה אות ז’ : “שמות י”ג, י”ג, וכל בכור בניך תפדה, אף דהבכורים נתקדשו לעבודה, ולא הוסרו מדבר העבודה רק בחטא העגל כדכתיב ואני הנה לקחתי וגו’ תחת כל בכור וגו’ [במדבר ג’, י”א] וכמו שפרש”י שם, מ”מ לא נבחרו לעבודת הקרבנות אלא עד הקמת המשכן, שהרי במ’ יום הראשונים כבר צוה ד’ על קדושתו של אהרן ובניו, ואח”כ היה ראוי, שיהיו הבכורים על השיר ועל המשא כמשמרת הלוים, והוסרו ע”י חטא העגל, והנה נצטוו בפדיון לדורות אחר שיבחרו הכהנים, ומיהו צ”ל דאע’ג שהם קדושין בעבודת הלויים הצריכן פדיון, ופדיונן לכהנים, וא”כ אין מצות פדיון שנאמר בפ’ במדבר, סיבתה מפני שהחליפן בלוים, אלא אחר שנבחרו הכהנים נצרכו הבכורים לפדיון, והיתה מצות התורה שהלוים שנבחרו אז יפטרו כנגדן בכורי ישראל מפדיון וכמו שפטרו בהמתן את בהמת ישראל”, עכ”ל.

    Please review and you will understand

  8. The last line is the hardest but yet the most important. It seems that the benefit that a Bechor Levi gets, by the fact that he is also a Levi, is only “Mitzvas Hatorah”, which only took in effect after the Levyim were elevated to totally replace the Bechoirim.

  9. Pleasure to see such pilpul chaveirim on
    After all said -the speaker is a major talmid chochom. Please feature some more of his shiurim.

  10. “Ashreichem Yisroel she’divrei Torah chavivin aleichem”.
    Matzav is the only Torah web site featuring such outstanding shiurim which ignite a wonder maso umaton bemilchamto shel Torah.

  11. Rashi’s approach that ‘ein mukdam umeuchar batorah’ is simply shver. It would have made much more sense to set up parshas ki tissa after mishpatim when the eigel actually took place and thereafter set truma-tezave/vayakhel -pekudei.

    Apparently, Rashi was reluctant to learn pshat like the Ramban that the mitzvah of building the mishkan was first given and then taken away by the eigel and once again re given; which explains the chronological order.

    The only way to understand the Ramban is the way this excellent speaker explained so skillfully. It is however a big chiddush. Rashi was more comfortable with using the non conventional suggestion of ‘ein mukdam umeuchar batorah’.

    With that being said; this is one of the fabulous Torah speeches ever posted on line.



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