Watch: Rav Michoel Sorotzkin On Churban and Nechama

A new shiur delivered by Rav Michoel Sorotzkin shlit’a on “Churban and Nechama”
this week at K’hal Yerei’im Kollel in Cleveland, Ohio.



  1. Amazing I watching twice and forweired it to to peoples. Is it possible to leern the gemura darkest? According to the firct Passat?

  2. Another masterpiece from this outstanding speaker.
    Not too many lomdishe shiurim on the topic of nechomo. What’s so unique about it is the fact that there aren’t many deep level shiurim that are delivered with such clarity.

  3. I don’t speak nor understand Yiddish at all.
    This unique shiur is so eloquently clear that though many terms are in Yiddish I understood it – Thank G-D- completely.
    What a way to pick up a language, through a fantastic shiur.

  4. This brilliant suggestion thst both ne’vous are intertwined and the ne’vuah le’tova can not be fulfilled until the ne’vuah le’roah is miskayem is somewhat puzzling. The Rambam quoted by the Rav says explicitly that a ne’vuah le’tova afilu al tenai miskayemes. If so, why was the ne’vuah of Zechariah pending?
    I think someone from the crowd asked the Rav the question in the middle of the shiur. I’m not sure what the answer was. Maybe it’s not a real tenai but a sequence of events…..

    In any case, this shiur belongs in the Hall of Fame of published shiurim.

  5. This is the absolute finest Shiur in 45 years. The clarity, the posture, the mara mekoymus and the chidush is mind blowing, I can hardly breathe. I’m Watching again and again. Sending this link will be the best Chanukah gift!

  6. To get so much pleasure from listening to a shiur of such quality in the nine days, seems to be totally forbidden!

  7. The Grand Finale of the Shiur explaining that all tzores man encounters are there in order to get the yeshuah and not vice versa are a real Nechama .
    This shiur was posted at a time that our personal lives are very difficult. We are broken hearted from a personal disaster and are in the midst of looking for comfort. We got tremendous chizuk from the emotional words of this gifted Rabbi and what was quoted in the name of Rav Yerucham.
    We shall all be helped and see the real Nechama.

  8. We live in Beachwood , Ohio. It’s about 10 minutes away from Cleveland
    We only heard about the shiur this week after it was said.
    It would have only been appropriate if someone from Khal Yereyim or the Kollel would have let someone from our community know about it so we would have been privileged as well.

    The posuk says ‘al timna tov mebeolov’.

  9. I follow Rav Sorotzkin shiurim and speeches for a while. They are superb. It seems that some are almost 100% in English and some are mixed with Yiddish. Anyone knows why?
    For the English speaking audience it would be fantastic if more strictly English shiurim be posted.

  10. Rav Moshe Shapiro zt”l explains that the real definition of the term ‘tanchumim’ is like the Rishonim say ‘machshovo acheres’ –‘recalculation’. We must look at life with another new approach in order to overcome the void”.

    Perhaps we could associate this perception with the wonderful theme of this deep and fantastic shiur by Rav Sorotzkin. Only by taking a new recalculated approach at the void- like R’ Akiva did- you could see the Nechama within the Churban.

    It takes a giant like the Tana R’ Akiva to visualize this course of life and it takes Rabbonim like Rav Shapiro zt’l and Rav Sorotzkin to bring it out so eloquently.

  11. The pshat in Moshe Rabenu asking HKB’H to reply “hashiveni davar” if he is appointing some else or not , is awesome.
    This Shiur is really about nevuah- not about the churban. In any event, the thoughts and ideas are magnificent. What’s so special about this speaker’s shiurim is the pure clarity and the outstanding delivery. A gifted orator with so much knowledge. He can teach anyone.

  12. We had an argument in shul if one is allowed to view this shiur on Tisha beAv prior to chatzos.

    The topic is indeed Churban and nechomo, but this shiur is not portraying the stories of the Churban but rather a very sophisticated insightful depth iyun in the pshat of the story.

    Someone quoted Reb Moshe z”l who said that as long as the limud relates to the topic of the Churban and nechomo,there are no restrictions.

    Personally, I had much gishmak listening to this inspiring shiur……leil Tisha beAv.

  13. I attended a fantastic shiur on Tisha b-AV afternoon from Rav Sorotzkin a few years ago in Bais Hamedrash Imrai Tzvi (Rav Sheinerman) in Flatbush.
    He spoke about the inyonim of golus and geula. The shul was packed and although it was the end of the fast- the crowd did not want him to stop. I can never forget that.
    Thanks for sharing the new fabulous shiur with all.

  14. Any Bein Hazmanim / Summer Shiurim – Speeches on the horizon?
    If anyone knows where Rav Serotzkin is going to deliver a public shiur or where a speech is going to take place, please let the tzibur know לתועלת הרבים

  15. This is a perfect treat for Erev Shabbos Nachamu.
    It sheds a light on the meaning of ” Nachamu-Nachamu”.
    As the Rav explains so beautifully; the nechama is not only seen in the yeshua, but also in the tzoro.
    On the contrary, the real nechama derives FROM the churban .
    What a speech!

  16. Rav Sorotzkin gave a phenomenal shiur Shabbos afternoon at Lakeview Estates shul in Fallsburg, on the topic of Chinuch Habonim.

    He said over a beautiful story about Rav Shlomo Zalmen Auerbach zt’l which emotionally touched the entire crowd .

    If he ever said this story publicly and there is a link please post as some of the women are interested. I said it over but I don’t what it takes to shake up the audience…..


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