Watch: Rav Malach On The Secret to Good Children…Treat Them Like Cholent



  1. יישר כח for the clip, R. Malach is good, geshmak.

    I don’t understand how people can put sushi in cholent though.

    Sushi is fish, and cholent usually has meat in it. Unless it is a pareve cholent…

  2. I can love my cholent all i want but if i use farshtinkina meat or use a dirty soapy pot or put in way too much salt then its also bad. Worse add in a little milk even by accident then its completely traif. Turn on the fire on shabbos or replace the pot to the fire improperly then its asur. More to cholent than love. So too with raising kids.

    Of course you have to love them but you have to give them proper input and guidance. Alot of tefilla. Let the kids raise themselves thats nonsense.

    • Thank you. I agree %100. That’s davka the problem today. These (some of mine as well) kids think they know everything and are experts at everything because, after all, their 20-21 year old roommate’s in the dorm told them so. So now, our children tell US how to be good parents. Aha. I hear. Chutzpeh yasgeh.

  3. By pop pop pop
    Aka in yiddish frask frask frask.

    Of course the Frask is given with love and compassion (not with anger and wildness)

    A frask can also sometimes be a kiss…

    Whatever works to make the child (adult) remember to stay away from the bad behavior


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