Watch: Rav Gamliel Rabinovich: “Kosher Money is Very Uncommon”



  1. I write all my monetary agreements with this bas din and when there is a dispute they answer and set up appointments in the most professional way possible. They should have a lot of hatzlocha in spreading this awareness around

  2. Thanks for posting this important message. We need the Rabbinim shlita and Influential choshver bal habatim to publicly decry the total negation of choshen mishpot r’l. We also need posekim to appropriately apply halacah. Knowing choshen mishpot without shimush and smicha does not qualify someone as a posek!

  3. I looked up their website that appears at the end of the clip( as most people probably don’t watch until the end ) and the changes they are trying to implement. They should have a lot of hatzlocha
    Here is a link

  4. To Bais Din?
    I am referring to the Bais Din that posted this video know as the Vaad Hadin V’horaah run out of new City You can google them for more information they have a whole program on how to protect someone’s interest when drafting an agreement

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