Watch: Rav Chaim Kanievsky to Rav Yaakov Feitman On Names for Newborns




  1. Ask Rav Chaim what you should do. The Rov has said to others in your situation that they remove the Yud from Shirah and call their daughter Sarah. Not every person with the name Shira has the Rov said that to but if you truly do care then either make the trip to ask yourself of send a trusted Shliach to ask for you.

  2. Don’t give your kids uncommon weird names. I don’t care how much you loved Aunt Gussy. It is THEY who have to live with it the rest of their lives. And it affects the next 2 generations. Everytime they get an aliyah, they turn red from embarrassment and have to hang their head in shame. The kids in his/her class snicker everytime their name is called. I know this for a fact. I had a classmate in grade school, back in the 70’s, who had a very “unique” name, who’s baal teshuva parents, thought it was cute. He was bothered to no end and resented his parents for it. I met him many years later, and after asking a shaila, had his name changed. He B”H got married and is very happy now.
    Don’t feel pressured by your parents or in laws either. They had their chance already when they named their own children. You have to have derech eretz but do they cave in.

  3. Rav Elyashive, Rav Chaim’s father-in-law is said to have paskened that the name Shira is fine.

    Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg had a granddaughter who was named Shira.

  4. they say it depends on who asks the shaila. when my friend asked reb chaim about a certain name, he asked them wether they were sefaradi or not, cuz in their community it’s more common.

  5. So, I guess that means that Beyonce won’t cut it. Maybe I’ll feer-tish this week and change my daughter’s name to “Basya”.

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