Watch: Rabbi Shlomo Kadosh Discussing the Brazen Robbery of His Possessions from His Vehicle in Florida



  1. I don’t know who this Rabbi is but he sure is articulate and knows how to talk to a reporter/cameraman. I hope they catch the creep(s) that stole his belongings.

  2. The Kadosh family are wonderful people. Rabbi and Mrs Kadosh have moved with their mishpacha from Cleveland to N.J to Montreal, Canada for the sake of chinuch habanim. R’ Shloma is a moyridika menahel and his Rebbetzin is a michaneches par excellence!

  3. a little common sense should tell you not to leave all your belongings in a car unattended and in plain view. just saying. PS there are some thieves in this world

  4. I guess Hashem doesn’t want our Rabbanim in Miami at beaches. Wake up call for all our role models. Learning Torah isn’t meant to be done on beaches.


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