Watch: Rabbi On Wheels Dancing With Aseres Hadibros In Tel Aviv




  1. I strongly protest featuring this openly messianic Lubavitcher promo.

    The viewer sees clearly in large letters, in the upper background, and it is deliberately set up that way, not an accident, a banner featuring a Rebbe who died over twenty years ago, proclaiming him as messiah.

    When did this become a Lubavitch website? I think there is a Lubavitcher or Lubavitch sympathizer working for it who tries to sneak Lubavitch things in.

    It should be removed immediately, with an apology.

    Furthermore, new policies should be put in place to prevent such subversiveness in the future, and the one who put it in should be held accountable.

  2. It was Shavuos, not Purim. Unfortunately, there are many deranged people out there. No need for Matzav to puplicize them.


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