Watch: Rabbi Leiby Burnham: How To Manage Your Family’s Use Of Devices


“Mommy, can I play on your iPhone?”

 This question is very common these days, and it’s becoming the “norm” in many frum and yeshiva families. How should parents respond? In today’s segment presented by Jewish News Channel and Matzav, Rabbi Leiby Burnham (LCSW) tells parents how they should manage their family’s use of devices.

 In this segment you will learn:

  • The one thing you absolutely must do to stay in control

  • Why MORE oversight can actually make your kids feel happy and relieved

  • A strategy that will make it EASIER for you to say “No” (and your children to accept it)

  • Why devices can sometimes be unhealthy for marriages and relationships

  • How you can make sure that your device usage does not negatively impact your spouse

  • Much more


You can see Rabbi Burnham’s work at Partners Detroit here.



  1. Amazing person. Rabbi Burnham does amazing work. He is dedicated to bringing back to Yiddishkeit our brothers & sisters. My wife loves his articles in the Bina magazine. He should have continued hatzlacha.

  2. How about just not buying a device. Save money and aggrevation. Why do we complicate and now need a doctor a physiologist gevald!

  3. been there i had internet w a filter at home because it was free w optimum phone pakg. and i didnt go to sleep on time, occasionally missed maariv, got up late ,even stayed on sometimes instead of going up to my kids – my fault yes, the keli did NOT make me do it. but lemaseh its a HUGE DISTRACTION – SO NOW i have a hot spot from work that stays at work and on occasion i bring it home if nec. it works for me TRY IT

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