Watch: Rabbi Dovid Heber: The Great American Eclipse



  1. The Chazal did not accept this notion that the mppn is just rocks and soil and does not have its own light. The Gemoroh in Psochim says that at night it is dark because the sun travels over a non-transparent blanket (called sky), while at the same time, the moon (underneath that sky) is shining fully at us with its own strong light. So there is no such a thing as the moon blocking the sun, or the earth’s blockage causing the moon to lose its light. That is why the Chazal looked at an eclipse as a ‘malfunction’ in the moon itself or in the sun itself, and that is caused by our sins R”L.

  2. Re #!
    Right. Now it makes sense why the Gemoroh did not hold that eclipses are predictable; and also why the Gemoroh never mentions anything about various time zones, that when its Shabbos in E”Y its not yet Shabbos in the west, because if the sun is traveling over the sky at night than its night all over the flat earth at the same time.

  3. To Yoni
    They are just describing what they are observing in the skies in e”y & Bovel. But the understanding was that the moon has its own light and gets extinguished and
    reNEWED every 29.5 days. See Rashi Rosh Hashanah 24a line 12 that at night the sun travels above the sky from west to the east.


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