Watch: R’ Doniel Coren On The Pittsburgh Massacre



  1. Maybe if you stop knocking the people who r doing Hashem rotzon and be positive people would have clarity but again blame us es felt in our yom tovim pls u r making the biggest churbon in khal yisroel

    • @ yudi – he is quoting gedolei olam, also its well known what rav y. salanter said ….. also about moshiach, the lubavither rebbe said basically the same thing [in year 5745].

  2. Reb Coren claims in the video (app. 2:35-) in the name of Rav Moshe z”l and other gedolim that “we are all tinokos shenishbu”. He goes on to the same the same with regard to Eretz Yisroel, citing the Chazon Ish.

    That is a distortion of Torah.

    זיוף התורה!

    They (poskim cited) did *not* say that *everyone* nowadays is like a tinok shenishba. Those who didn’t get a proper chinuch, that is one thing. But not everyone.

    Reb Coren is extending to everyone what they said only for some. That is wrong.

    Maybe he thinks that way. But that is not what Rav Moshe and the Chazon Ish said.

    A retraction and apology is in order!


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