Watch: R’ Chaim Urging The Tzibbur To Vote For Degel HaTorah



  1. Or Gimmel, etc. etc. These elections make me absolutely sick. The craziest thing is that these are all the proud litvaks who mock “petty” machlokes between the rebbes (brothers etc.) and then when it comes to election time, it becomes abundantly clear that the litvish establishment is just as bad, if not much, much worse. Everyone wants power, everyone wants kavod. I have witnessed groups of Jews yelling at each other in the streets, I live in a neighborhood where all of the kids are parading around with banners, busy hanging stickers up up, down down, right left and all around, here there v’chulu, I don’t even want to think about what kind of rediculous politics are ripping apart the schools where these boys are supposed to be learning Hashem’s torah. It makes me sick. This is not yiddishkeit.

  2. Hard to make out what the Rav was saying. Seems to me he was stating that IN THE PAST, gedolim urged the tzibbur to vote Degel. I didn’t catch anything about the current elections.


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