Watch: Psychiatrist: No Evidence of ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’


Dr. Daniel Bober calls the diagnosis trend ‘partisan pop psychology.’



  1. We have allowed the Avoda Zorah of “mental health” to permeate our Charedi tzibur r’l. The masses B’H have NO need for mental health professionals (other than those who are gainfully employed in the field. They can practice their witchcraft on non Jews). The circumstances where mental health professionals are helpful are limited in number and should require a corresponding number of practitioners.

  2. @Avodah Zorah r’l!

    Unfortunately, your comment couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many people in our communities that suffer from “mental health” issues and I suspect that they are only being more recognized due the intervention that is available! Your comment only shows that hopefully you don’t know anyone (and it continues to be that way!) suffering with Mental health issues!

  3. ” SKILLS NOT PILLS” an excellent point. Also skills for the average person (of course there are exceptions) are taught through a Rebbi or Morah teaching Toras Chaim!

  4. Yankel, I actually work with the mentally disabled and appropriate the intervention of qualified mental health professional Jewish or otherwise. I none the less maintain that for the masses it is ” Avoda Zorah”.

    Are you brave enough to share your involvement with the mental health field?



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