Watch: Protests Outside Musical Selichos In Monsey



  1. Finally. At least Matzav is reporting such a story, after censoring me numerous times in the past when I tried to protest. All these concerts with music and dancing is not the derech & mihalech of the previous dor.

  2. This mentions a concert in a hall. I don’t know what that one was.

    Did they protest outside Reb Y.Y. Jacobson’s musical selichos featured on Matzav here last night too?

    If not, why not?

  3. In the Shul where these protestors Daven they sing אל אדון & ממקומך etc. It was unheard of before R. Yehuda Arye miModini introduced singing Tefilos in Shul.

  4. It is good if it starts a long-overdue discussion about such practices, which have been spreading in recent years among the youth. Even if the exact details of their מחאה are not relevant to all such cases, and even if the people protesting are people who don’t always agree with.

    Even a broken clock is right two times a day, as the saying goes.

  5. Id be hesitent to call this selcihos “musical”

    Granted it isnt quite the selichos I’m familiar with, I’ve never heard osf selichos being yellled in the street in Yiddish and historically selcihos werent performed by screaming “gevalt” at others, but nu nu thats how they feel close to Hashem let them scream gezunterheit

    • These protesters obviously said slichos later or in the morning. By no stretch of the imagination of anyone including neturei karta people is yelling gevalt slichos.

  6. The people organizing the Slichos miss the whole point of Slichos.

    It is very nice that yidden get together to sing and dance and play warm songs. This should be done every Motzei Shabbos.

    But Slichos should be different, because it has entire different purpose than the regular get togethers….

    The people screaming against it, as much as they may mean well, they are wasting their time and energy. This is not effective to bring their brethren closer to Hashem

  7. I can’t tell you about a musical selichos but just watch the youtube videos of the end of selichos in Rabbi Weinberger’s shul (Aish Hatorah in the Five Towns). The singing of V’Liyerushalayim Ircha and Rabbi Weinberger dancing with Baal tefillah (Yaakov Hagler) is IMHO awe inspiring.

  8. The guy who blew exhaust in their faces should be arrested for assault. Personally, I’ve got better ways to spend my time and their protest probably accomplished nothing more than offer some more entertainment to people out enjoying their slichos night bash. Having said that, the protestors weren’t breaking any law and what that car did was disgusting.

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