Watch: Protesters ‘Scream At The Sky’ On Anniversary Of Trump Election


Thousands “Scream helplessly at the Sky on the Anniversary of the Election” in Washington Square Park Wednesday night to mark one year since President Trump’s victory.




  1. Yep if only that sky would have not been here then we would have had Hillary.
    On a more serious note these idiots VOTE!!!!!! That’s really scary

  2. Screaming at the sky is futile. Dancing naked under the moon, around a roaring fire, and with a shaman moaning some incomprehensible incantations is the right way to go about it. This ancient method certainly works in Africa – just take a look at their leaders, presidents for life, and chiefs.

  3. Wow if I had ever thought they made any sense or that there was any substance to their claims, well this just goes to show me how wrong I would have been


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