Watch: Protesters Demonstrating Outside Monsey Home On Shabbos Over A Smartphone Store


A group of protesters gathered outside a home in Monsey, this past Shabbos, objecting to a Jewish owner of a Verizon Ping Cellular Store which sells smartphones to Yidden.

On signs posted around town before Shabbos, people were asked to “go out and demonstrate for the sake of Shabbos, explaining, “many boys are mechallel Shabbos after they go off the derech, due to the smartphones that this man sells.”

A large crowd heeded the call, standing outside the owner’s house yelling “Shabbos!” while counter protesters shouted back. Police were on scene to ensure the activities did not get out of hand.

This protest was the second of its kind. The activists had previously protested outside the store itself just a few weeks earlier.



  1. We need to speak up. Secular Jews call themselves jewish but they are JINOs. Jewish in name only. So too republican cans but are RINOs Republicans in name only. And yes today we have CINOs Chareidim In Name Only. Time to wake up and speak up for authentic Judaism. We need more and bigger protests here and in Israel. The battle must continue. We here in Brooklyn support our brothers in Monsey.

  2. These protesters are Taliban lite, just wait awhile and it will be “do it our way or die”
    Maybe a donation to there yeshivasha would help.
    I am glad I live far away from Monsey.

  3. I’m researching any documented cases of people who were publicly shamed by a large protest, or rock throwing, etc. that has actually been Chozer B’Tshuva. Please post any references here.

  4. Taking this one step further, shouldn’t they protest an appliance store owner as someone who went OTD may cook on shabbos? Car leasing companies as they may drive on shabbos?

  5. if your looking for the real Torah view on this matter, don’t expect to find it in the comments section on this website. Those who really know why there talking about don’t waste their time here.

  6. They’re a bunch of rabble rousers with nothing better to do with their time. It would be better if they would undertake to look into themselves and see what needs fixing.

  7. If someone was selling drugs in your neighborhood around your children would you mind a protest in front of their home. I assume not. To them smartphones are endangering their and their childrens yiddishkeit. Almost every Gadol (and, lehavdil, many non Jewish experts) agree. So why the outrage

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