Watch: Protest Against Zionism Outside Verizon Store in Kiryas Joel, NY




    • Shame on you that you can call another yid like this !!!!! You’re nothing better than the polish anti semites out there! You would have made a good “Kapo”!!!! The gestapo would have loved you (and killed you too at the end). You probably have no idea what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t be shocked after seeing the way talk of another yid! Oi oi oi!!!! The heavens are crying no doubt !!

      • The connection between his comment and a kapo is the same connection between a smartphone and the medina, for those who were wondering,

  1. Seriously.. who funds this mini demo?

    No kid will stand there & scream unless he receives positive reimbursement or reward of being בעל תפילה tomorrow in chedar.

    Follow the dough & you will find who is the perpetrator.

  2. Seriously, I don’t get what the connection between the state of Isreal & a Verizon smartphone store in Monroe have to do with each other, please explain, Verizon is a US cell phone company, & the state of Isreal is Isreal, nothing 2 do with each other, could someone please explain this

  3. Nebach. As with all cults, the unfortunate innocent kids’ lives will be forever messed up with all this brainwash. Hashem should help them.

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