Watch: Prof: Hillary Could Still Replace Trump As President


It’s been almost a year since Clinton lost the election and one Russian collusion believer has mapped out a scenario where she could be installed as president.




  1. Anything is possible in the imagination of those who are disconnected from reality. I guess they take the expression”I think therefore I am too literally”

  2. Mr. Professor, if anyone stole the candidacy it’s Hillary who stole it from Bernie Sanders. According to your twisted logic – note, these are professors teaching in our universities – are you saying if Trump became president because of the Russian interference hoax (which they still haven’t unearthed for almost 12 months, mind you), wouldn’t that put Bernie Sanders as President? Or does it have to be Hillary no matter what because she’s holier than though and has legal license to her overflowing criminal activities? What a nutty liberal professor?

  3. Even the thought of a professor putting in (read: preferring) a criminal with massive blood on her hand as President is insane.

  4. She could also fly, theoretically, if she grew wings, and took gliding lessons. The problem is, though, that then she would continue to do to the US citizens what pigeons do to statues, only from above.

  5. I don’t much care for Trump as president, but there are about 300,000,000 Americans I’d sooner see in the oval office than Hillary.

  6. עליו אמרו חז”ל “אִסְתְרָא בִלְגינָא קיש קיש קָרְיָא” – הפירוש…
    פירוש: אדם טיפש עושה הרבה רעש אז שומעים אותו מצויין.

    פירוש מילולי: מטבע אחת בתוך כד ריק משמיעה רעש רב מאוד.

    פירוש: מטבע יחיד בקנקן, מקשקש הרבה ועושה רעש.
    הביטוי מתייחס לאדם ריק מתוכן, המרבה דיבור מתוך בורות.

    ברוך החרדי אשר יבטח בד


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