Watch: Private Jet Takes Off To Chabad’s Kinnus Shiluchim



  1. “Chabad’s Kinnus Shiluchim”

    Which one?

    There are actually two of them taking place these last few days.

    One is the openly Messianic one, where yechi… openly recited. They held their banquet at 770 last night.

    The other one is not openly messianic in that way, and is holding their banquet Sunday evening north of NYC.

  2. Not takeoff. looks like entering the initial approach to landing. The plane is descending, you can see the altimeter is counting down and the pilot is extending the flaps.

  3. Because this kinus represents yiden you move away from their families communities etc just to bring yidishkiet and help another yid i don’t their is any frum yid anywhere in the world williasmburg , benay berak etc that does not know someone who benifited from these shluchim


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