Watch: President Trump’s 2017 Achievements


From tax reform to military successes, here’s a look at President Trump’s achievements one year since taking office.




  1. Everyone is excited about Trump but do not forget we are STILL IN GALUS. Our only King is KING OF KINGS not some fool in the white house. Hashem yerachaim!!

    An example is this travesty:
    Trump Re-Nominates Architect of Obama’s LGBT Agenda Chai Feldblum to EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

    Feldblum is a nightmare of a nominee for those who value religious freedom, private property rights, and the science-based standard that there are two sexes – male and female. As Obama’s most liberal gender ideology activist, Feldblum has said that whenever LGBT issues conflict with religious liberty and private property rights, religious liberty and private rights should lose.

    • “fool in the White House”? If only your IQ were 1/2 as his.

      President Trump is by far the greatest President America has ever had. We Jews wish him lots of Heavenly assistance and Heavenly protection. We hope and pray that Moshiach will come very soon and until then hope Trump will stay President.


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