Watch: President Trump Readies For Much Anticipated State Of The Union Address


What topics will be the focus of the president’s big speech? ‘The Next Revolution’ panel discusses.




  1. משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה
    This will probably be the most anticipated SOTU Address from a US President and the most exciting “event” in centurieS. DON’T MISS IT!!!!! HISTORY IN THE MAKING. I wonder if he’ll even touch on anything mentioned in this clip when he plans much bigger stuff and wake up the sleeping sheeple (the ones afraid of true news).

    While the world is looking forward to this Address, the Democrats are terrified and will try to make false flags to stop it.

    • The Deep State will make sure to block this event, perhaps with Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s funeral. She’s probably died who knows how many days ago and they’re hiding it until tonight when they’ll announce the funeral tomorrow. Wait and See.


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