Watch: President Trump Hugs Boy After Bill Signing


President Trump signed the “Right to Try Act” bill on Wednesday and then gave his pen to a little boy, who proceeded to hug the commander-in-chief.



  1. Baruch Hashem! We finally have a president who is a real, normal, human being. True, no human being is without flaws, but the ones who act and are perceived by the media as if they’re flawless are not human beings.

  2. Please stop it!!! No, President Trump is not a “A first class Mentch”. Not quite! On the contrary he is a Sick, Disgusting, Selfish, Narcisstic, Heartless, Cruel Lying Con Artist! Whether you like his policies or not, that doesn’t change the facts… And no, this description doesn’t come from the liberal media. It’s true, and it is the way every Conservative who knew him, said he was, before he became the Republican Nominee… Sorry just stating the facts as they are!

    • President Trump is the greatest President in the American history and in the world today. THIS IS A FACT! And yes, he is a President FOR THE PEOPLE AND IS a first class mentch.

      And you’re anything but conservative. You’re a Hillary supporter liberal still whining for the loss of the world’s biggest criminal who, THANK G-D, did not become President. THANK YOU HASHEM! THANK YOU HASHEM! THANK YOU HASHEM! You have no proof to anything negative you say about President Trump. You just mimic CNN’s and other Fake News’ hatred to the President without rhyme or reason. All the description you described on the greatest US President describes YOU. Think about it.

    • Gadolhadorah:
      Sorry, your guy Hillary, lost. Get over it. Even with the help of the Russians, Hillary still couldn’t do it. Donald Trump is a patriotic American. He is a goy, so his yiras shomayim is not the greatest. Big deal. Hillary is no bargain either.

  3. He is a mensch when it comes to everything except his obsession with one thing. and honestly he is a great president. Just because you don’t know the details of the others, rest assured not too many are tzadikim. You can look up the history of many presidents.


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