Watch: President Trump Destroys Jim Acosta: “You Are A Rude, Terrible Person”



  1. A few errors in headline
    1) He diditn “Destroy” Jim Acosta. He gave him a nice rating boost that’s hardly “destruction
    2) the punctuatyion in the rest is wrong, should read:
    President Trump, You Are A Rude, Terrible Person.

  2. The media represents the koach horah. What’s taking place is the battle between tov virah. The evil media is putting out their greatest effort to destroy any semblance of decency that is still left in this medina shel chesed. President Trump is smart enough to realize that and is pushing back with all that he has. This is a very good thing. HKBH placed Mr. Trump in power just at the right time. Mamesh hashgacha pratis. Yes, he uses his midda of gaava to help the Nation. There is nothing wrong with that. Any other Republican would of folded like a cheap camera and let the evil media walk all over them and this Country. We see how the wicked leftists are celebrating the wins by open mishgav zachars, radical Muslims, socialists, communists, and open anti Israel/anti Semites. We need the leader of the free world to fight back. We should daven and encourage him to keep on fighting the battle for all us decent g-d fearing Americans.


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