Watch: President Trump Calls On Everyone To Get Vaccinated



  1. Did YOUR youngest son and your other children get the vaccination shots after you’ve clearly confirmed that the chemicals found in vaccines cause autism as was reported by the World Organization for Combating Autism and Making Aware the Dangers of Antibodies? What’s the reason you’re saying this now? Are you being threatened by the Deep State and Big Pharma?

      • That’s right, conspiracy theorist tinfoil hatter. If Matzav didn’t report it and CNN didn’t report and WaPo didn’t report it and AP didn’t report it, it never happened.

  2. Neither Fake News nor President Trump will change the mind of anti-vaxxers. Not a single anti-vaxxer has given their children these fatally risky shots after learning the truth about the vaccination hoax. If anything, the media is waking up the sleepers to do their own research and not depend on doctors and, of course not, on mainstream media.
    For the record, anti-vax Japan has the lowest child death rate and highest life expectancy.

  3. With so many famous people being cloned (some of them having several clones), this guy might very well be President Trump’s clone, as it’s very unlikely he suddenly flipped to please MSNBCFN.

    • Actually, your theory makes quite some sense since it doesn’t add up to his tweet “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!”


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