Watch: President Obama’s Farewell Address, 9 PM ET



  1. Do we really know this man?

    Or his immorality and animus towards Jews?

    Obama spoke at Planned Parenthood in 2016 said “a botched abortion where a child is born alive (ex-utero) can be left to die.”

    In other words he condones murder of a live baby by neglect and suffering.

    If a mother did it to her baby at home she would be put in jail for murder!

    Martin Luther King Jr. said,
    “My friend, I do not accuse you of deliberate anti-Semitism. I know you feel, as I do, a deep love of truth and justice and revulsion for racism, prejudice, and discrimination. But I know you have been misled—as others have been—into thinking you can be ‘anti-Zionist’ and yet remain true to those heartfelt principles that you and I share. Let my words echo in the depths of your soul:
    When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews—make no mistake about it.”

    Barack Hussein Obama, a Shiite Muslim, stabbed Israel, our only democratic ally in The Middle East, in the back.

    Obama briefly revealed his anti-Semitism when he cold-bloodedly diminished the murder of Jews in a Paris kosher grocery by Muslim terrorists with direct ties to Islamic State as “an instance where zealots . . randomly shoot a bunch of folks.”

    One wonders what he would have said or done if the “bunch of folks” were Muslims instead of Jews.

    Take note of this, please, from CNS news (April 17, 2015):

    “Commentators on two different Arabic TV programs claimed that Obama pushed a nuclear deal with Iran because his father was a Shiite Muslim, and President Obama a Shiite Muslim wants Iran to be victorious.

    “They made their remarks on UK channel Al-Hiwar TV on March 25 and on 4Shbab TV in Saudi Arabia on April 10 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

    “Syrian writer Muhydin Lazikani on Hiwar TV; “I am not peddling some theory…but Obama is the son of a Muslim Kenyan father.
    “…All the childhood memories of the man who rules the WH are Shiite Muslim memories.”

    All his decisions are based on his Muslim faith—or clever political gain with whites or blacks.

    NY Ex-Mayor Rudy Guilian declared: “We must not be afraid to define our enemy. It is Islamic extremist terrorism.”

    He said, “Obama does not love America.”

    Obama has treated Israel as a pariah state—and Netanyah and the Jews as well.

    He is a covert—and possibly an overt—anti-Semite who has never sided with Israel unless bludgeoned by Congress.

    His hope for a legacy (continued by Hillary) was his campaign–vainly—to be president.

    As Obama mentioned about himself, Trump will with “a pen and a phone” erase all Obama’s illegal executive actions a day after he is sworn in as president.

    The stabbing of Israel in the back is what will be remembered as his final legacy.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

    Obama is toast.


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